Lead Compliance

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    Lead Paint Issues

    Lead is a harmful metal that was used in old paint and can still be found in many homes and buildings from before 1970. This metal is poisonous for young children and pets as they are likely to swallow the paint dust and chips from window sills and floors. Lead can impact the health of humans adversely. In children it can cause behavior and learning problems. Property owners of old buildings that contain lead based paints are responsible for keeping tenants safe from lead-based paint hazards which includes dust from peeling paint, damaged lead paint on crumbling plaster or rotted wood, doors and windows that stick or rub together, window sills and any other surfaces that can be chewed on by children.


    Lead paint compliance is a major issue for multi-family investors. The Lead Law requires the removal or covering of lead paint hazards in homes built before 1978 where any children under the age of six live. Lead Paint Compliance requires that all lead hazards must be either removed or covered. At Hancock Property Services, we understand the hazards lead can cause and what needs to be done to correct it.

    Need Your Property Inspected For Lead Compliance?

    As professional home remodeling and renovation experts, we can assist you in catering to any potential lead compliance issues. Before you have your property inspected, our team can inspect your home to ensure it is lead compliant. Connect with us today – We just might save you thousands from the costly Non Compliance Notices! Fill the form out below to send us your query.