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    The exterior of your property is the first thing anybody notices when they enter your premises. It reflects the value of your home and sets the first impression on the visitors. Therefore, it is important that the exterior of your house should be well maintained and designed.


    If you’re planning to do that, we offer you the best exterior designing and remodeling in your area. With decades of experience in the remodeling industry, our experts convert any basic exterior of a house into a stunning exterior with heavenly redesigning. We cover all the areas of exterior properties, including porches, gardens, pavements, patio and more.

    Types of Exteriors that We Install

    We offer a wide array of choices when it comes to selecting an exterior. You can choose from delicate gardens with details to a sleek looking porch that reflects minimalist design, our experts are pioneers when it comes to remodeling the exterior of your home. A beautiful exterior will add value to your property and will give you a great return on investment if you sell it.


    Remodeling the exterior of any property requires professional expertise and well executed management as it’s the first and most important area of your house. Every little detail is very visible and is the first thing any visitor notices, hence it should be done beautifully and our company has mastered the art of remodeling. We can convert any space into a beautiful exterior that enhances the beauty of your home.

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    • Chuan Zang, North Andover

      Hancock Group has managed my multifamily investment property while we were living out of state for 5+ years and we wish we had used them while we were owner/occupants as well. Truly took the stress of home ownership off our plates with great communication and responsiveness. They always find quality maintenance work at reasonable pricing and are willing to advise on major projects as well. I Recently used the team to sell the property and Izzy went above and beyond even as major time sensitive issues arose to ensure we closed on time at a great price. Would recommend them highly for any home investment property needs.

    • Daniela Livni, Woburn

      They are professional, honest, always prompt in responding to your needs and requests and totally trustworthy.

    • Lloyd Sparks, Leominster

      Entrusting my house to Izzy basically meant peace of mind. I could count on him to handle any problem, get the estimates of cost and effort ready before I had to make any decisions, and help me with advice on the best courses of action based on his many years’ experience. I recommend him highly.