8 Fresh Color Combinations For Remodeling Your Kitchens

a pristine white kitchen can never go out of style as it’s considered one of the best kitchen designing colors of all-time. But, it does seem like colorful kitchens are having their moment right now. Kitchen designing is now moving towards unique and bold style color combinations that used to be reserved for other places in your home.

For instance, painted cabinets are a recent trend. Moreover, if you are looking for kitchen remodeling but are unsure of what color combination to choose, opting for painted kitchen cabinets could be a good starter.

But, there are more color combinations that you need to keep on your radar. These color combinations will ensure that your kitchen receives the best kitchen designing treatment for looking stunning and inviting as ever.

So, if you are planning a full-scale kitchen remodel, here’s a list of fresh color blend ideas to help you get the color tones you relish.

The best kitchen designing color blends to keep your designing wheels spinning

1.   Bold and unexpected (aqua green)

If you are looking to make a big, bold statement out of your kitchen color, consider going with a color combo that doesn’t fit the kitchen. Yes! Try it. Chances are you’ll love it. Try something like an aqua green color, for example. Matching crockery and furniture selection will only add more spice to the overall color theme.

This might seem a little too overboard at first, which is why this approach is best suited for those who want their kitchen to stand out. It should be nailed beautifully for such a bold color combination to become the best kitchen designing pellet.

2.   Neutral but not white (Light grey)

Let’s suppose you were looking for a white kitchen but wanted to add a bit more OOMPH to it; why not try light grey? This color gives out the same overall light with a more sophisticated and purposeful effect, similar to white.

Since grey is also a neutral color, it suits well on almost all countertops and backsplash options, including stainless steel appliances, etc. Some of the best kitchen designing ideas also include glossy light grey, which adds a whole other level of class to the entire kitchen.

3.   Make it gloss (dark grey or pure black)


Now, if you ever chose a paint color before, you most likely have had experience with it. You might have felt victorious once you had managed to narrow down to the exact color shades you wanted for your kitchen.

All this, only to realize that you needed to choose the sheen or finish. So, it’s either matte, eggshell, sateen – the choices are endless and can confuse you. However, with a bit of encouragement and hints from some of the best kitchen designing ideas, you can also consider going super glossy.

4.   The two-toned trend (such as black and white)


Colors you like might be suitable for your cabinets or the island, but what about the countertop? Going with a dual-tone color scheme is a great choice as it adds more depth to the kitchen’s overall look.

You can either go with two complementary colors or two contrasting colors like, say, black and white, light grey, and hunter green.

The two-toned scheme works in a way where first, the lighter color brightens up the mood with natural lighting. The other complementary or contrasting color adds sophistication, elegance, or charm to the kitchen’s outlook—these work in-tandem giving off a more complete kitchen look.

5. Color blues


Color blues tend to work naturally well, particularly in kitchen spaces, and as such, the blue color is often the easiest one to pull off. You can give a traditional kitchen a fresh update by using one of the many blue shades either on cabinets or drawers.

Some of the best kitchen designing ideas also include chic window shades and stainless steel appliances to complement the blue color and perfect the kitchen’s stylization.

6. Pop colors with wallpapers (Like white with zesty green)

Wallpapers are a fabulous alternative to the traditional backsplash tiles if you want to make your kitchen truly unique. A wallpaper pattern matching one of your kitchen’s various color schemes can pair perfectly.

So assume you have a bright color, like green painted on the island and the cabinets are white-colored, you will need a wallpaper.  This wallpaper should complement both these colors and balance the entire kitchen’s look.

A wallpaper also opens you to more color options for countertops, tables, chairs, etc., as you want to make the colors match. Preferably, a wooden style countertop with stools will work exceptionally well. Such kitchen color combinations are proof that there are limitless options for you to choose from.

Either you select a texture, a pattern, or any color shade, you will still end up making the kitchen look beautiful and purposeful with wallpaper.

7.  Rich jewel-like color tones (Red)

Red is a color that you don’t often find on the best kitchen designing radars. But why not? Pairing red color with brass hardware and a light grey backsplash will make your kitchen look nifty and sophisticated at the same time.

This scheme is one great example of why you shouldn’t be afraid of mixing metals. Stainless steel electronic appliances will also look great in the kitchen with all the brass shade.

8. Traditional yet modern (Gray Green)


Choosing a green and gray combination with just a tiny bit of blue will enable your kitchen’s color to change with the light. Meanwhile, this color scheme is considered more traditional as the color pairs remarkably well with soapstone countertops, non-lacquered brass bail pulls, and knobs.

Moreover, adding distinct tiles to the mix will further add more flavor to the kitchen design. For instance, six-inches of terra cotta hex-shaped tiles will add more richness to an already artfully layered kitchen color scheme.

Enjoying yourself already?

Then let’s discuss why you should color your kitchen for a better understanding of its importance.

It’s important to add colors to the kitchen

Everyone’s style and preferences are different, meaning the best kitchen designing color for you might not suit someone else. Moreover, not everyone wants to promote joy and cheer, and certainly, no one wants to add depressing colors to a kitchen Colors combinations are subtle mediums for making the kitchen livelier and purposeful for stimulating appetite and joy.

So, choose what color best suits your taste.


Even going with all white is a viable option at the end of the day if you are tired of browsing through countless varieties of shades and color tones. Now how will you know what color’s best for you? It’s when you will have no regrets or doubts about your choice. Because ultimately,

The color you are satisfied with is the best color.

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