8 Amazing Ways You Can Make the Most of Your Bathroom Renovation

Have you ever considered giving your house a makeover to make it look more appealing?

Some people often ignore the fact that the bathroom is a part of their house too. They spend their entire money focusing on the house only.

If you are thinking your bathroom is just space where you go when required, wait and think back!

How much time do you actually spend in your bathroom?

Most of the people sit in their bathrooms and make their life decisions because it is the quietest place in your house.

Some people like to sing and dance without having a fear of being judged by anyone.

In short, your bathroom is your space, your safe haven, and it is your call how you want to use it.

Another selling reason here could be that an efficient bathroom will save your hard-earned money in the long run.

You will not have to call for plumbers or other bathroom services once you remodel it.

Bathroom renovation also gives you a chance to replace your old inefficient pipes, save curb water usage and electricity bills.

If you are short on budget and this is the reason you are thinking of ignoring this small space of your house, then stop!

We will give you a few amazing ways on how you can remodel your bathroom without having to spend a fortune.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Now you must have decided that your bathroom needs a revamp but confused about where to start from?

Let us set a more precise picture for you on how you can move forward!

Color of Your Walls!

Coloring can often become messy, so it is better that you start with painting and designing your walls.

If you want to go along with the trend for your bathroom renovation, then putting wallpapers up your wall would be your best option.

Wallpapers have been the key trend of 2020, and the consumers are not letting go of it anytime soon.

Choose the wall that can instantly catch your and your guests’ attention, and then apply your wallpaper.

Make sure that the paint on your other walls matches your wallpaper, so it doesn’t look out of place.

The best type of wallpapers you can choose for your bathroom renovation are solid vinyl, paper-backed vinyl, or fabric-backed vinyl.

These strippable and scrubbable coverings are highly resistant to humidity and moisture, which makes them ideal for bathroom renovations.

Time for Flooring!

Your flooring requires a stunning makeover too!

A beautiful looking floor can enhance the beauty of your bathroom ten times.

Since a bathroom is a very steamy environment, it is important that you find suitable yet elegant looking flooring.

You can choose any tiles you feel would go with your bathroom renovation.

However, if you are looking for inexpensive ways here, then let us give you a suggestion!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have been the number one choice for people for a very long time now.

These tiles are famous for all the right reasons, to mention a few

  • They are waterproof
  • They are relatively cheap
  • It can mimic the look and feel of wood and stone

Tiling your floors will change your bathroom’s boring concept into an eye-catching and gorgeous piece of art.

Work up Your Vanity

Designing a vanity or building up a new one can be the easiest task of your whole bathroom renovation.

By adding new mirrors and a few hardware, you can do wonders to it.

Thinking about how to do that?

Don’t worry, we will give you details on what needs to be done.

You can start by considering a large mirror for your wall as the focal point of your bathroom.

You already know how much of an important role a mirror plays in a bathroom, then use it and make the most of it.

Decorating the lower part of your vanity can be totally up to you. You can buy whatever seems pretty to you and works with your sink.

The only thing you should remember here is to color coordinate!

Bonus tip: install wall scones next to your vanity or above it because it offers a very pleasant light that will automatically make you feel good.

Built-in Shelving

Your bathroom shelves not only hold all your expensive and precious accessories, shampoos, soaps, and perfumes, but it can also do much more than that.

If well designed and maintained, bathroom shelves can make any small ordinary bathroom look luxurious.

For starters, you can add a rack to keep all your clean towels for your fancy guests.

In fact, as per the trends going on, you can even invest in a bar cart.

These carts have plenty of room to hold your bathroom necessities and will look beautiful with any design.

You may even go back to the old yet classic clear floating shelves, which will look elegant without even trying.

You can display all your beauty splurges out in the open and show your glamourous side.

Color Coordinating Cabinets

White plain cabinets may look fine if you are into ordinary stuff, but if you really are remodeling your bathroom, then why settle for ordinary?

A bathroom is already a small space, so a pop of bold color can bring out the magic you have been looking for.

Vibrant colored cabinets not only look pretty but can give a welcoming vibe, which can be hard to resist. To save up some money, you can even give your cabinets a makeover all by yourself.

All you have to do is grab your oldest sets of trousers and a shirt, buy a suitable bright paint, take a brush in your hand and get to work. New and bright colors can make your bathrooms look fresh, clean, and almost new.

Brand New Bathtubs

Now, most of you must be thinking, why add a brand-new bathtub when your old one is working completely fine?

We didn’t necessarily mean to get a new bathtub here; we will be mentioning a few ideas on how you can turn your old bathtubs into new ones.

To add a new definition to your tubs, start by fixing a new shower curtain, preferably a printed one, to make it look more tempting.

You can even put a few scented candles and bath bombs on a small cart and place it next to your bathtub.

If you are one of the rich ones who already spent a lot on your bathroom, then it won’t hurt to throw some extra cash.

You can replace your old bathtub with a freestanding one. This freestanding bathtub will make your bathroom look elegant.

Eye Catching Countertops

We have already discussed how your vanity should look, then why not add an eye-catching countertop over it.

Your countertop can hold your essential everyday products like your toothbrush, face, and mouth wash products, etc.

you may even add a few cute containment or small plants to decorate your countertop.

To add a long-lasting, beautiful, and stain-resistant countertop, you can try granite.

Granite is the easiest and most durable stone to care for and can look good with any vanity.

You can even paint your countertops just like your cabinets. This way, it won’t require much work, and you can even save some bucks.

Choose the color which can match your vanity and the overall look of your bathroom renovation, and redesign your countertop.

Lavishing Lights

How would your bathroom look if you have done all the hard work but haven’t gotten good lights to showcase all that?

It can be different in the morning because of the sun’s natural rays, but what will you do if you have guests coming over at night?

This is where having good lights become essential; otherwise, all the nights and money you spent on your bathroom renovation can go to waste.

Choose LED fixtures or bulbs; they emit light that is as close to the shade white as one could be.

Use dimmer lights above your bathtubs for relaxation purpose and an LED like light on your vanity.

Warm white lights can provide the most accurate reflection of your face like natural sunlight does.

If you are still questioning why to spend all this money on a bathroom renovation, let us give you a few reasons here!

Reasons Why to Remodel Your Bathroom

Increases Your Home’s Value

If you ever decide to sell your house, the first thing an estate agent or the people buying your house will check is the bathroom.

It is a fact that your bathroom can look older than the rest of your house.

Now a bathroom which has been in good condition will automatically raise the value of your house.

Therefore, if you are selling your house or moving somewhere else, then you may get a hefty amount for it.

Safety Concerns

You probably have old tiles in your bathroom, which you have been ignoring for a long time.

These tiles may become slippery or have cracks in them, which makes them dangerous.

A few other reasons could be water leakage, which can make your walls damp and floor slippery.

You do know what a slippery floor can do so we won’t get into details here.

One thing which we will mention is that water can also come in contact with electrical cables, you know the rest!

Sustainability and Efficiency

If you live in an old or vintage house, there is a high chance that your home needs fixing.

The toilets, piping, and fixtures of your house can be made up of materials that are not environmentally friendly or energy efficient.

This is because the manufacturer at that time couldn’t care less about environmental sustainability or energy efficiency.

Thankfully, today you have all the facilities for a more efficient bathroom renovation and save money for the long run.

Outdated Bathroom

There is a new bathroom product or design emerging in the market every now and then.

When you compare your old outdated bathroom to these new ones, you will eventually feel the need to do something new to it.

An old, outdated bathroom can make you feel unhappy, and this feeling can have an impact on the rest of your day.

This is because your bathroom is the first place you go in the morning, and if your morning starts badly, then you know your day is ruined.

Needs of Your Family

You need to keep on adding new features to suit the need of your family and redesign your bathroom accordingly.

For example,

If you have an aged or physically disabled person in your family, they might need a wheelchair or support to hold while using the washroom.

You will have to do your bathroom renovation to cater to their needs and for their comfort.


Your bathroom experiences a high amount of humidity and heat because of the hot water. This steam can create moisture, which builds up bacteria and molds.

The steam and moist can also make the walls of your bathroom weak, so it becomes essential for you to remodel your house.

By this, you are adding a protection layer for the safety of your family.

Now, that you have a complete guide on how and why you should remodel your house, you may have gotten an idea of where to start.

Think about what will work best for your bathroom,

and then start remodeling it. Remember to stay within your budget and avoid doing unnecessary things to it.


Bathroom renovation can be costly and time-consuming, but you can remodel your bathroom on a budget by following this guide.

It may take some time to achieve the result of your dreams, but you have to be patient; things will work out your way.

After you remodel your bathroom, you will feel great about your house and might even spend more time than usual in there.

What is your take on bathroom renovation? Leave a comment below and let us know your take on it.

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