8 Things Professionals Won’t Tell You About Bathroom Renovation

People pay a close look at bathrooms while buying a property since it interests them the most. It tends to create and destroy a buyer’s decision while purchasing a home. A modern bathroom, coupled with elegant style and distinctiveness, is bound to grab viewers’ attention and stimulate a sense of enchantment. If your bathroom is up-to-date, it will add more depth and personality to your home.

Not only it makes your home look beautiful, but it also increases its value.

Outdated bathroom with unstylish faucets, tub, and shower kills the sense of pleasantness and tranquility, ultimately making people feel unhappy and unpleasant. Whether you are looking to sell your home or not, if the bathroom’s design, shape, style, and visual appearance is dull and old, it makes the bathroom renovation crucial.

This article will share the areas you need to focus on while renovating your bathroom.

8 Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips

Irrespective of your bathroom’s size, whether it’s a simple and small room or a master en suite, functionality is the heart of bathroom renovation. Following the below-mentioned tips and tricks can help you transform your dull and outdated bathroom into a beautiful and functional one.

Hire Bathroom Renovation Specialist

First and foremost, before you dive deep into the process of bathroom remodeling, make sure to hire a specialist for it instead of relying on the expertise of a plumber. It has been observed that most of the time, people hire a plumber and get the whole remodeling performed by him, which is a wrong practice, and it can cost you much more than the actual remodeling cost.

A plumber is good for just the plumbing related jobs, whereas to make the other bathroom functionalities seamless and ambiance perfect, you need a specialist who has all the trades at their disposal that you need. With a bathroom renovation specialist, you can save a lot, and the whole remodeling process could end up costing you less.

Establish Makeover Design

Before hiring the bathroom renovation specialist, get done with the things that you can do on your own to save money. Ponder on the bathroom makeover design and settle on a new design that fits your expectations, vision, and requirements. Make sure about the color scheme you would like for your bathroom, and know ahead of time the tiles styles to make them resonate with your paint choice.

Decide if you are going to replace or remodel your shower, as well as give a thought to the installation of a new sink. It will help you devise a pragmatic budget for the whole remodeling process. How much you will spend on the remodeling endeavors is usually based on your individual needs, the style of your home, and bathroom space.


Adequate plumbing provides us plenty of benefits that we often may not even think about. Without appropriate plumbing, you cannot even use the water and gas supplied by municipal services as utilities.No matter how large or modern bathroom is. If the plumbing is not simple and effective, you cannot make the most of your stylish and striking bathroom.

Adequate plumbing helps us save water in toilets, kitchen sinks, and other essential facilities and save our time and provide us comfort that we all crave for far inside.

From a health perspective, it is also vital to have seamless plumbing that can smoothly separate the water supply and drain system, let alone the energy savings.

Be Trendy

Bathroom trends and styles never stay constant, but they keep evolving, making it vital to choose a style that ages well with an emphasis on functionality. What determines the bathroom style is the overall style of your house, especially the interior design. The bathroom style is supposed to remain consistent with the overall visual appearance of the home. Bathrooms play a vital role when it comes to value a property.

The more stylish and trendier your bathroom is, the more valuable your house will turn out to be.

It is recommended to jump on the current trend’s bandwagon. Still, it’s mandatory to get done with the remodeling tasks in a sequence to ensure timely and under budget completion of the project.


When it comes to bathroom lighting, most of the time, people overlook it and save their kitchen and living room’s lighting expenses. There are a lot of lighting options that one may consider while thinking about bathroom renovation. The list entails LED downlights, scone lights, pendant lights, and skylights.

The issue with downlights is that it dispenses a lot of light directly down, creating shadows on your face. To weed out this problem, place the light between you and the mirror instead of putting it behind you. Ensure that light is angled onto the mirror, which will reflect the light on your face.

With pendant lights, you can add warmth and depth to a bathroom, which will create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. However, make sure not to hang them too low or high to make the most lightning.

Organize the Cabinets

The more organized your bathroom is, the better, more comfortable, and at peace, you will feel deep inside. In an effort to keep the things aligned and organized in the bathroom, reserve top drawers for items that you use daily.

Avoid stuffing items to make them adequately fit in the divider space; adjusting the divider size or relocating it can also help with the bathroom organization. Designate each drawer for specific types of items.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

Giving a thorough thought about installing or updating a ventilation fan is equally essential when you think about bathroom renovation. It is crucial to perform new ductwork paired with a weathertight exterior vent to weed out moist air from the bathroom to ensure a comfortable and healthy environment.

Moist air causes the growth of mold and mildew, which is prone to contaminate the indoor air quality and damage building materials.

With the advent of the latest technology, you can get your hand on smarter vent fans, which are quieter and more effective than the old ones and offer many benefits that landlords may not even be aware of.

Walls & Flooring

Any material could be used for surface walls and floors while performing the bathroom renovation. However, ceramic, granite, and marble tiles make pretty and highly durable flooring and wall surface for the baths. It all depends on your budget, style preferences, and house aesthetics at the end of the day.

Choosing the materials and colors for bathroom renovation is considered the most exciting part of the whole process. You may select the bold, patterned tiles or white marbles for your bathroom walls and floors, but then again, your overall house style is going to play a significant role.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons for renovating the bathrooms, but it primarily boils down to what you want to achieve through remodeling. In case you are worried about the cost, contact our renovation specialist by logging on to our website; we will be glad to share with you tried and tested tips that can help you get done with the bathroom renovation cost-effectively.

What new things did you learn while remodeling your bathroom? Let us know in the below comments section.






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