8 Best Home Remodeling Tips That Pinterest Had to Offer for 2020

Whether you’re opting for a complete home remodel or just want to make some changes in it, Pinterest has always been a go-to website for ideas.

The same thing happened last year when everyone was in a global lockdown. Many people opted for Pinterest to get ideas on how they can remodel their homes completely. Everyone had free time like never before and we saw many homes get remodeled.

Before plunging into remodeling for this year, let’s take a look back at some of the leading Pinterest ideas for a complete home remodel from last year. These small tips and tricks will help you give a completely new look to your home.

1)  Get Organizing

There are so many small things that we just don’t get the time to organize, well; that’s what we saw happening for the most part of 2020.

There are small things that one can do to make things better around them. Throughout 2020 we saw small things such as trays, baskets, and other such things making their way to dressing tables and bathrooms. Many people used these to bring a little order to their homes. It helped them add to the corner, put things together and make it easier for them to find everything.

It’s always the little spaces in our homes that we have trouble organizing. We saw many people finally find the hack and get a beautiful solution for their little corners. Pinterest really put all our small organizers to use properly.

2)  Ladder to the Top

A small stepping ladder is very helpful in reaching out to things here and there, but there are more uses of it than just climbing!

You don’t need a complete home to remodel to ensure your room looks fresh and inviting. If you have a corner where the sun shines you can take the stepping ladder, paint it, and add plants and decoration to it. This is also something we saw a lot last year when people couldn’t go out, they brought the outdoors in. Small plants and different decoration pieces were kept in corners to make the room look more lively. There were many different ideas that Pinterest was dominated with when it came to these ladders.

You don’t have to spend much on this and just use the ladder easily available to you. The size and how you want to place things on it totally depend on how you want that corner to look.

3)  Mirror Mirror On the Wall

A beautiful reflection always puts you in a good mood and a mirror adds space to your room.

Well, mirrors don’t magically open portals in real life but they do make the room look bigger. A nicely placed mirror adds so much aesthetic beauty to the room. If it’s a small room a big mirror on one side is what we saw people add to it. Some added small vintage mirrors which added to the room’s beauty. We could see many rooms on Pinterest that gave many people ideas on which mirror will look good where.

There was no need for a complete home remodel because small additions such as mirrors completely changed how everything looked. Mirrors also add a lot of lightness to a room in their own way.

4)  Just Frame It!

It’s not always a painting or a picture, it can just add a beautiful frame because it looks good.

There are many different designs that we now come across for frames. Gone are the traditional style frames where it had to be something inside them to be plastered on the wall. We saw many people place plain frames without anything in them. Then there were frames with plants and such things showing through them. Pinterest really helped our creativeness flow through giving us the direction on how we wanted things to get framed.

Instead of a complete home remodel we saw people really turning things around and adding something unique to their homes.

5)  Revamping Old Things

Old furniture gets boring, adding your own touch completely changes how everything looks.

You have so many things lying around the house that you have no clue what to do about. Well, we saw many people tear them apart and redo them to completely change the boring look. There were little things such as old hangers to garden chairs that we saw go from boring to happening. Pinterest ensured it didn’t let even the smallest of things go to waste. Many people focused on reusing things they had sitting around for years.

You can focus on a complete home remodel by taking care of the small things around you.

6)  Garden Look

A boring garden is such a waste of space, adding small things can completely lift your mood.

A big or a small garden, the lockdown was probably the most everyone got to spend time in the one they had. We saw many people go all DIY on it and it really did turn things around for them. This included many people painting their mailboxes, the garden stones, and even adding different decoration pieces in there. Not all complete home remodel focus on what’s going on inside the homes, many like to make changes outside of it also.

We saw many people add new garden hangings, make bird feeders, and add different garden furniture also. We can always thank Pinterest for all the creative juices it had flowing in our brains.

7)  Cover Them Up!

There are so many different types of cushions lying around, you don’t have to always put on a boring cover.

For those who did not want to go all out, we saw many people change up the covers around the house. This included cushion covers, the throws they had lying around, and adding table covers also. When you think of a complete home remodel it gets too much to handle as a project at times. That’s why many people opted for smaller projects such as some of them even making covers at home to add personal touches. Pinterest shared many different cover designs that gave people some creative push to make the changes.

There were many people who took out the sewing machines and even tried their hand at sewing on the designs themselves.

8)  Light It Up!

The kind of lighting you’re sitting in totally impacts your mood, so change them up accordingly.

Fairy lights, lanterns, light shades, just some of the things we saw the sales go up for in the last year. Many people added to the mood of the room by adding different lighting to them all. Many people opted for creating a softer look for their bedrooms and living rooms. The lights cannot be completely redone until there is a complete home remodel with the wires. But many people added different lamps and handy lights to totally change how the room feels.

There is not much you need to do other than thoroughly planning out how you want everything to look at the end of the lightning session. From there you then start adding the type of lights that you want in the room.

Wrapping Up!

Pinterest really gets your brain working with all the ideas that it has to offer.

We have seen many things on it and we all have to agree that in our own way we have tried to copy them as well. Last year was exceptional and everyone was on Pinterest to change whatever they still had control over. The ideas mentioned above are just some of the leading trends we saw many follow.

Which idea are you most looking forward to using to remodel your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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