15 Most Affordable Industrial Properties for Sale in The USA

There is no specific time or reason where a person might feel the need to buy an industrial property. It may become hard to find one, but with the help of a few professionals, you may be able to find an 

within the given time.

Before telling you about a few industrial properties which you can easily find in the USA, why not we tell you a little about industrial properties themselves.

Industrial Properties

Industrial property means that a property that is used for processing, manufacturing, retail purposes, or warehousing.

There can be many different examples of industrial property, such as,

  • Heavy manufacturing buildings
  • Light manufacturing buildings
  • Industrial parks
  • Factory-office multiuse property
  • Development and research parks
  • Factory-warehouse multiuse property

Moving on to the topic, allow us to find you the best and affordable industrial property for sale in the USA.

Industrial Properties for Sale

Do remember that we will only provide you with the best properties here, so feel free to scroll around!

Nagle Plaza

Nagle plaza, a retail building for sale in Chicago, is located at 6304-6310 N Nagle Avenue!

This plaza is fully occupied, 24 hours, and has an office centrally located in northwest Chicago. An estimated 38,500 customers visited this location in 2019. It has a prime positioning at the severely trafficked six-way intersection of Milwaukee, Nagle, and Devon.

Nagle plaza has a stable and a complementary tendance of longevity with a stable cash flow. Nagle plaza is anchored by Walgreens on a long-term lease, and Walgreen has been a tenant since 1984 with a corporate guarantee.

Builders FirstSource

Located at 500 Patrick St, Charleston, WV 25387.

Builders FirstSource is one of the largest suppliers of prefabricated components, building products, and value-add services in the USA. It has 500 companies with 400 locations in 39 states.

The tenants of Builders FirstSource has demonstrated strong historic sales since 2008 and is fully responsible for the maintenance, taxes, and insurance. This gives provides zero landlord responsibilities for the owners.

The price unit of this commercial industry is $1,525,000! For further details, you may check out the property or go online and research about it more. That will give you a better insight into what is going on.

Storage King

Storage King, located at 5091 Oak Ridge Dr, Huntington, WV 25705.

Storage King is an industrial, self-storage property with a square foot of 23,400 which can be found in West Virginia. This property is exposed to almost 29,000 + vehicles every day and is comprised of 148 units.

This facility was inaugurated in April of 2020, which means it is almost brand new and features 24 hours video monitoring, perimeter fencing, and coded gate entry.

This industrial property still remains unpriced, which can be a good opportunity for you to get in and keep your offers. You can also schedule a tour before deciding upon anything.

Former Shopko

Address, 56419 Pokagon St, Dowagiac, MI 49047.

This industrial property, Former ShopKo, is located on the main state highway which is on the west side of the town. It surrounds many well-known retailers such as O’Reilly auto parts, auto zone, Burger King, Subway, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and so much more.

Former ShopKo has a very prominent retail location for the market and Value-Add investment opportunity. It is located right next to the Baymont/Wyndham hotel and tractor supply, making it a desirable demographic profile to purchase.

The asking price of this property is $1,000,000 and can be negotiated if you know how to do that!

Pioneer Parkway

Located at 3120 E Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX 76010.

These property types include retail, office, industrial, and other special purposes. With a square footage of 38,106 and 85 parking spaces, this property becomes a must-buy!

This place has large buildings with offices. The retail shop, kitchen, hair salon and is an almost 9-acre lot. Pioneer Parkway has plenty of space that can easily be used for warehouses, loading truck docks, and offices.

If the new owner wants, he can also set it up for private parties and other activities or events. The starting bid for this property Is $1,000,000 with $10,000 participation deposit.

Industrial Warehouse 128 Acres

Now, this warehouse doesn’t really have a name, but the property itself is 113,480 SF on a 128-acre, built-in 2017. It is situated in 1500 Armstrong Valley Rd, Halifax, PA 17032.

This industrial warehouse features 22,000 SF of refrigerated storage with more than 15 loading docks. Located near the eastern border of Halifax in Dauphin Country. This site can easily be located if you go 25 minutes away from Harrisburg, PA, the state capital.

This property is worth $13,250,000! But coming with so many benefits and considering how spacious it is, this amount wouldn’t seem that much.

Pay a visit, take a tour and then decide what needs to be done on your part!

42ND Street Warehouse

To get a self-storage opportunity, all you have to do is check this property out at 721 NE 42nd St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

Marcus and Millichap are the exclusive advisors who presented this 42nd Street Warehouse! It has a three-building portfolio consisting of whooping 16,640 square feet.

This property was being run as a multipurpose building and currently is operates as a small-bay warehouse and self-storage. It is extremely well located at off sample road and North Dixie Highway in the Northeast Broward industrial submarket.

The asking price of this warehouse is $2,850,000! You may visit them physically or check them out online, whatever seems the best!

Established Automotive Body/Collision

This 2 industrial property for sale is established at 1285 Arctic Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716.

These businesses can be sold with the industrial building or individually. You may buy it on a lease or an Nnn lease option with a 10 to 20 years option for a 5% annual increment.

The second industrial building here is a thriving auto body and repair shop. The good thing is that this one can also be leased or sold. With a single tenancy and square footage of 7,500, this auto shop/flex/warehouse can be bought now.

The price of this established automotive body/collision is $2,100,000. This was its purchase price, and the down payment is $1,050,000. It would be advisable to check it before buying or renting it and then see if it can prove beneficial to you or not.

3300 Briar Cliff

This amazing property is located at 3300 Briar Cliff, Fort Smith, AR 72908.

With a square footage of 85,660 and a special industrial purpose, this property has a great location at the intersection of 1540 and the highway. It has three buildings and is currently being used as an elementary school.

You may make use of the elementary school here, but it can also be served as a business renting out office space or a simple corporate office. It has 33 classrooms/offices with a kitchen and cafeteria. The 2nd building, however, is 24,000 square feet currently and is used as a youth center.

Their auditorium can serve great for wedding halls, concerts, or corporate meetings. The price starts from $5,000,000!

StorWise Self Storage

Storywise self-storage can be found at 2229 E ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78744.

This industrial property is comprised of 36,081 rentable square feet. StorWise self-storage was built in 1974 and had 275 units.

Since Austin is the most desirable city in Texas, you can tell how great this warehouse would be. StorWise offers multiple upsides in the well known and growing areas of Austin. It is an excellent opportunity if you want to acquire an established storage asset, that too, in Texas.

StorWise has a forward-looking financial projection with a cash on cash return. The pricing starts from $3,700,000 and is truly a great investment.

Saco and Colombo Multi-Tenant Buildings

Saco and Colombo multi-tenant buildings are located at 3980 Saco Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93308 and 19456 Colombo St, Bakersfield, CA 93308.

This property is located at a fast-growing airport industrial supermarket and has very easy access to and from highway 99 and highway 65. It is approximately 33 miles east of Interstate 5. These metals constructed buildings were aesthetically built-in 2006.

There are two buildings for sale, and each building consists of 12 flex suites. The asking price of this property is $6,250,000; considering the location, this is a pretty good amount to pay for this property.

Multi-Tenant Investment Opportunity

This Multi-tenant investment opportunity lies at 1355 W Bloomfield Rd, Bloomington, IN 47403.

This property is best for retail, industrial services, offices, mixed-use, hospitality, and land. With a multi-tenant investment with excellent visibility at a signaled intersection on high traffic street, this can be the property you were looking for.

The pricing starts with $1,695,000 and a net operating income of $92,623, including the down payment of $847,500. You may take a tour around and see what the hype is all about and then think of investing in it.

If not a tour, then you may visit this property online and save yourself from the trouble of going around looking for properties.

Trucking/ Transportation Company for Sale

Another unpriced property that has been in the business with 35 years of services. The square footage of trucking/ transport is 19,000 with a lot size of 3.95.

With the great assets of this company, you may improve your shipping capacity, and their trucking company is currently under chapter 2. They have a large fleet of over 80 trucks with 19,000 SF buildings on a 3.95 acre, which is completely operational too.

Their sale price may vary from $13,000,000 to $15,000,000, but we are unsure about it; you may check them online and see if you can find the price. To learn more about it, you may download CA and get the latest information.

Francis and Helena Investment Property.

This investment property is located at 1513 & 1517 E Francis Ave, 6319 N Helena St & 1510 E Rosewood Ave, Spokane, WA 99218.

It has a square footage of 74,052 and a cap rate of 8.34%. Francis and Helena Investment Property is in the corner of Francis Avenue and Helena Street. This property is suitable for industrial use, retails, and land.

The price may start from $1,000,000 with a net operating income of $83,434. You can easily find them on their online page and see what more there is. Along with that, you may also see a list of people who you can contact for this property.

GA 365 Industrial Park

the last property on our list is the GA 365 industrial park which is based on 2651 White Sulphur Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501.

This industrial property is a warehouse for sale, located less than 1mile to HWY 365; you will also find outside storage. You may expect the occupancy till October 2021. This industrial park has approximately 6 buildings, and you may design more as well, depending on the size of the building.

This property is also unpriced, but it can be discussed once you decide to buy it. Once you visit them online, you will find a few agents that will escort you further.

These were a few industrial properties for sale that you have been looking for. You may simply check out whichever you feel will work best for you and then proceed further with your guide.


We have now given you a detailed guide, where you can see all the industrial properties available for sale. Our work here is done now; the rest is up to you.

Do remember not to spend your money and make impulsive decisions. Think carefully and then decide what you need to do. Now we take your leave, and hopefully, you have gotten everything you need to know about industrial properties.

Let us know in the comments below how you feel about industrial properties. Feel free to ask any question regarding the topic.

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