10 Tips To Make Your Kitchen THE DREAM KITCHEN

The kitchen is like the heart of your home. Everything happens here, from talking, listening, celebrating, laughing, to, of course, cooking.

It’s a place for making memories. However, the kitchen is also one of the most challenging and expensive rooms to remodel or rebuild.

The kitchen that works best for your family requires more than just simple finishing.

It needs the best kitchen designing services in order to stay as functional and as inviting as ever. With so many elements contributing to kitchen designing, you’ll often feel the need for some guidance.

Today, we’ve curated a list of the 10 important tips which can help you build the kitchen of your dreams by avoiding some common pitfalls.

You’ll also find everything from outlets to appliances and even how to decide on marble counterparts covered in this blog.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the list.

The Best Kitchen Designing Secrets Revealed!

1. Gather images like there’s no tomorrow

To begin with, start pinning images of the kitchen designs that you like. These images can serve as inspirations and ideas for the things you love in an organized way.

You can pick a variety of different images for categorizing the various elements such as cabinets, counterparts, lights, different hardware, etc.

A hard copy of these pictures will make it simpler for you to show the things you want to a designer or a contractor.

Note: Suppose you are pinning images of white kitchens consistently; it’s because you love white kitchens. Do not let anybody talk you into choosing another color.

In recent years, there was a kitchen trend where people used to paint one wall with a single-color accent.

Imagine having an entirely white kitchen with a single “red wall,” yeah, there goes the element of surprise.

You need to select more neutral color accents that make for the best kitchen designing possible.

There is a reason why you would be pinning a color in kitchen theme images over and over again.

It’s because you want to feel relaxed living with that color.

So, be true to yourself and don’t let any trend shake you just because everyone else loves it.

Pick what you love, because, in the end, you will be living in the kitchen of your choice.

2.   Budget

Apparently, the budget takes the number 1 spot in many home decoration and room designing lists, but hey, there can only be one, 1.

However, the budget is still a very prominent factor to consider for making your dream kitchen a reality.

In other words, if you already have set an estimate for all the components and elements in your kitchen, maybe consider going a little overboard.

Because, let’s face it, realistically, things usually don’t go as planned. A safe bet would be to overestimate at least 20% more.

Kitchen remodeling is expensive, and many times you’ll find yourself overspending for receiving the best kitchen designing services. Already expecting this will only make it easier for you.

So, let’s say you want the remodel project to start with the countertop; later, you’ll need tiles that need replacing, or paint, etc.

The overestimated 20% will most definitely cover everything. 

3.  Hiring designers even if you can DIY

It is always tempting taking the DIY route, and for valid reasons too. Doing everything yourself saves a lot of money in the long run.

However, there are many problems you will run into if you don’t hire a designer.

For instance, you may pick paint for your kitchen, sure, but there are countless shades of the same color available. Picking paint only to repaint it later can get tedious and expensive.

This is why it’s important that you paint it right the first time. To get the best kitchen designing services, you need to hire a professional. It might seem expensive at first, but it will always be worth the money.

You need a designer that understands your enthusiasm for kitchen redecoration and can comply with your requirements.

Maybe meet up beforehand, discuss budget, talk about expectations and possibilities?

Moreover, it’s strongly recommended that you hire professional designers for your kitchen remodeling project.

Even if it’s for consultation only, because ultimately, it will save you a lot of time and money by streamlining the entire remodeling process.

4.  Tour other kitchens and ask questions

Ask people who have recently rebuilt or remodeled their kitchen. Ask what they wished for and what they got different in the end.

Take notes or make a list, as this will serve as guidance for your own kitchen redecoration project.

You can also draw out a rough kitchen design and while at it, ask yourself,

  • Where you’ll store the groceries?
  • How easy will moving around the kitchen be?
  • How will you be putting away dishes, silverware, and glassware?
  • Where will the items go when you unload everything?
  • How will you clear the table after daily meals?
  • Is it spacious enough for more people?
  • Where will you place a microwave, stove, sink, etc.?

There are many more factors that you must think of before developing a rough kitchen design. Failure to consider even one of these factors can lead to miscalculated cabinet placements and whatnot. Include everyday tasks when planning to make the most out of the best kitchen designing services.

5. Light it up

Install as many lights and electrical outlets as possible.

Having different lighting panels installed will enable you to turn banks of lights on and off separately.

By having more control over the kitchen’s lighting, you can highlight the parts of the kitchen that you want.

The best kitchen designing ideas comprise separately installed lighting and outlet systems.

Speaking of outlets, you can place them on the top and bottom of the counterpart for easy access.

These outlets prove handy when you want to charge phones, iPods, laptops, and use small appliances such as food processors.

This is perhaps the only case you will know where less is actually less. So, plan for more lights than you think you will need.

6.  Store smart

You can find a variety of the best kitchen designing ideas about smart storage online.

The space underneath the central island is mostly overlooked.

You can utilize this space to install a set of cabinets that can hold folded table cloths, seasonal items, vases, candles, etc.

Generally, you would want to store the items for regular kitchen use here.

Moreover, you can also make cabinets high up in the kitchen to store delicate glass pitchers, appliances, and crockery that you use occasionally.

You can also consider installing spice racks as another convenient storage options.

Remember, you need to think outside the box when creating space for your storage, and more storage is always better.

7.   Hold the drawers

It’s highly recommended that you use drawers instead of old-style cabinets under the counterpart. Drawers tend to use space efficiently.

It’s also easier to organize drawers due to the adequate space they provide.

Having deep drawers installed into the baking area alongside a dishwasher, for example, will make it convenient to wash and put the dishes back in place.

However, if you do decide on choosing traditional shelving, install roll-out shelves to make accessing everything stored in the cabinet easier.

8.    The MVP, but the P stands for Pantry

You might have heard about the advice of buying as much house as possible; it’s the same case for a pantry.

Now, if you have enough budget and space, in order to get the best kitchen designing possible, you need to build as much Pantry as you can afford.

You can also install a countertop in your Pantry to place everything like a microwave and other electrical appliances.

If you have even more space available, a fridge or a freezer will be more than adequate.

As for the shelving in your Pantry, there are countless ways you can utilize these. For instance, a solid 12 inches deep shelf should suffice.

Just be wary that useful items can get lost behind the shelves deeper than 12 inches making them go unused.

However, if you still decide on a deeper shelf, go with 24 inches ones and place them close to the floor under the counterpart.

You can use these to store large buckets, cans, paper towels etc.

Don’t forget about having a proper lighting setup in the Pantry as well.

Now, if all that’s done, and you still have more space left, you can install a dedicated pantry door.

A solid wooden door can hide the mess you make inside the Pantry better than a glass front.

You can also put nails on a blank wall in the Pantry for hanging pans and strainers. Remember, a pantry should add more charm to the kitchen, not the kitchen to the pantry.

9.    Don’t overcrowd

The best kitchen designing ideas include a proper walking space. You must have at least 36-48 inches of a walkway in the kitchen if it’s at all possible.

There should be at least 12-24 inches of space between a fully opened dishwasher door and the cabinets across the countertop.

The same goes for microwave ovens and refrigerator doors.

It’s possible that some kitchens might not have enough space, let alone remodeling capacity, but if at all possible, make this space.

10.  Oh! We forgot about the garbage again

Don’t forget about the garbage. For waste management on your kitchen level, you can designate spaces for doubling the garbage outflow.

You can have 2 spaces, one for storing garbage and one for recycling.

The best place to have a garbage compartment is right next to the sink.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have enough space for garbage and are willing to make some room, a garbage can is the best option.

It can be placed close to the sink or dishwasher and will always be out of the traffic’s way.

The best kitchen designing project always includes a proper garbage disposal plan as well; make sure yours does too.

Now, before concluding today’s topic, let’s also briefly discuss why it’s important to remodel your kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen is more important than you think

As mentioned before, kitchen remodeling is undoubtedly and undeniably an expensive process, but it’s also an important one. However, if you still feel unconvinced about it, here are a few benefits to help you understand it even better.

  • For one, remodeling saves your energy in the long run. Think about it; a remodeled kitchen will have space and the capacity to store old appliances after installing new ones. This means you can place refrigerators, dishwashers, and even light fixtures efficiently and adequately.
  • Kitchen remodeling also adds value to your home. Old kitchen layouts and outdated appliances might not attract potential buyers to purchase your property. On the contrary, a modern kitchen design, at times, is a major selling point for houses.
  • Remodeling increases your storage options. Some kitchens have woefully short cabinets and shelf options. But by remodeling them, you can add versatile storage options like maximizing your counter space, adding a kitchen island, etc.
  • The best kitchen designing services ensure that your kitchen is equipped with the latest technology. Old electronic appliances are not equipped for handling current electricity standards unlike, modern appliances.

Newer appliances are also more efficient in their power consumption and will save you a lot of money on electricity bills in the long-run.


Your home’s heartbeat begins in the kitchen. Naturally, you’ll find friends and family congregate in the kitchen. This makes it the most important part of your home, and then some. All you have to do is make a remodeling decision, because,

Your kitchen is the place where memories are spiced up.



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