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    Bathroom remodeling and renovation is a great way to give your home a brand-new look. Bathroom renovations can have an extremely healthy and lucrative urn on investment if they are remodeled properly. Whether you want to change the tiling, want to install a new vanity system, interested in incorporating a new theme in your bathroom or simply want to remodel it for an elegant look – At Hancock Property Services, we ensure you get the best experience that will last the years to come.

    We specialize in affordable contemporary bathroom designs and remodeling that will not only enhance the beauty of your bathroom but also add to the investment value of your property. Our expert team consists of experienced professionals who work alongside you to design and remodel your bathroom as per your needs. We ensure that the renovated bathroom meets the beauty, safety and health regulations. The result is a modern, stylish and very enhanced bathroom that you can be really proud of.

    Types of Bathrooms We Install

    Handcock Property Services specializes in delivering affordable, stunning and long-lasting bathroom makeovers across all areas thoughout Greater Boston, the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. From affordable modern bathrooms to cozy ones, we are experts in converting your imagination to reality in the form of a bathroom that you will forever cherish and be proud of. You can choose any style and preference of a bathroom and our experts will design it for you. If you simply want to remodel your existing bathroom design and aesthetics, our team of experts will convert into a brand-new space without killing the originality of it.

    We understand how doing even a minor change in your bathroom can cost you hundreds of dollars if you don’t go to the right experts. We firmly believe in delivering quality without charging our customers and arm and a leg. Regardless of design, we will ensure the costs remain within the finalized budget. If you are confused about what kind of bathroom you should head for, our team will guide you sufficiently, so you have a myriad of options to choose from.

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    • Chuan Zang, North Andover

      Hancock Group has managed my multifamily investment property while we were living out of state for 5+ years and we wish we had used them while we were owner/occupants as well. Truly took the stress of home ownership off our plates with great communication and responsiveness. They always find quality maintenance work at reasonable pricing and are willing to advise on major projects as well. I Recently used the team to sell the property and Izzy went above and beyond even as major time sensitive issues arose to ensure we closed on time at a great price. Would recommend them highly for any home investment property needs.

    • Daniela Livni, Woburn

      They are professional, honest, always prompt in responding to your needs and requests and totally trustworthy.

    • Lloyd Sparks, Leominster

      Entrusting my house to Izzy basically meant peace of mind. I could count on him to handle any problem, get the estimates of cost and effort ready before I had to make any decisions, and help me with advice on the best courses of action based on his many years’ experience. I recommend him highly.